VIMEGo - Simple Video Downloader

VIMEGo is a free Simple Video downloader, which can easily download high-quality videos.

How to download videos?

Explore the video downloader in 1-minute.

How to download videos


Select video and enter the details page

After finding the video to download on the video page or a personal website with an embedded player, click on the video cover to enter the video details page.


Enable the extension to automatically inject the download button

When you open a video and play it, the extension button in the enabled state automatically injects a different quality download button.

How to download videos
How to download videos


Choose video qulity to download

Once the video URL injection is done, a download button will appear in the video player. You can download videos to your computer by clicking the desired video quality. Currently supports downloading videos in 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K/4K and other resolution types.

Note: You can download higher resolution videos by subscribing to the Downloader extension.

How to Download 2K/4K Videos?

Install FFmpeg in Your Computer


Install FFmpeg in Your Computer

Please click here to install FFmpeg.
- Windows installation tutorial
- MacOS installation tutorial


Get links to HD variants of videos

VIMEGo can recognize variant links to HD versions of videos, which is a crucial step in downloading them in FFmpeg. You just need to choose 2k/4k at the download button.

Alternative Text
Alternative Text


Copy 2K/4K video variant link

You will be redirected to the VIMEGo website where you can see links to variants of this video in all qualities. Please copy one of them.


Paste the variant link

Paste copied command in Terminal (macOS/Linux) or Command Prompt (Windows) and push Enter to execute.
After the file is downloaded, it will be saved in the Downloads folder on your device.

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How to unsubscribe from the premium service of Video Downloader extension? (Step by Step)

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Enter “Subscription Details”

Please move the mouse to the top right corner of the extension, and stop when you see the location of your mailbox. Click on the “Subscription Details” button when you see it.


Click “cancel”button

You will see all subscription information of your account. Please click on the “Cancel” button indicated by the arrow.

Alternative Text
Alternative Text


Please confirm again.

You will need to click the “Cancel subscription” button again to achieve the true termination of the subscription plan.


About Install and Use

Currently, you need to install the zip file of VimeGo to use the video download feature. You can install it by clicking here.
You can click here to install the zip file for VimeGo.
Step 1: You need to install the zip file of VIMEGo;
Step 2: Open the page in your Chrome browser: chrome://extensions/
Step 3: Enable developer mode;
Step 4: Drag the installed zip file into the chrome://extensions/ page, and you will see VIMEGo successfully installed on your browser.
Step 5: Open VIMEGo and download videos as usual.

About Subscription

Got a question? We've got answers.

Yes ! We promise that Vimego will always be free. If you want a more advanced download service, you can use it online or install VimeGo on Chrome browser to subscribe to the premium service.
We have retained the free download method. By clicking the "Resolution" download button, you can download video resources and audio resources for free. but it's up to you to combine them yourself.
Step 1 Click the [Subscription] button here;
Step 2 Click the [Get] button;
Step 3 Go to the new page and fill in your email account and bank card number. The expiry date and CVC of the bank card are also required.
You can upgrade or cancel the renewal at any time.
Click the user account details in the upper right corner of the extension operation panel, follow this process to unsubscribe: “Subscription Details > Subscription > cancel”.
Can’t understand the specific process? Please click here.
Click the extension icon, open the extension operation panel, click the upper right corner to log in to your account, enter your email address and verify it, and finally refresh the site again.
Sorry, we will not issue full or prorated refunds.

About Product Function

VIMEGo supports downloading videos of multiple resolutions. This feature is better than other extensions. You can download videos for 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K/4K and other resolution types.
You can use VimeGo - Simple Downloader to download videos 1080P video for free, but you need to download the audio again to combine.
You can install VimeGo's browser extension to download embedded private video.
1. Install the extension
2. Open the video video or list
3. Click the extension's download button.
Specific tutorial: How to Download Video Private Videos?
Enter into your browser, or install a browser extension.
Yes, you can use it at any time by typing into your mobile device's browser.

Solutions to Problems Encountered while Using

Due to browser limitations, videos with large memory will be downloaded in sections. You can try clicking the "ext" button to finish downloading the video, or use another player to merge the videos.
Of course , as long as the Video player is embedded in the social media page, VimeGo can be downloaded.
Due to Video adjustments, we no longer have free access to resources with audio. If you need to obtain video resources with sound, we provide two methods:
1. Subscribe to our Pro version, download video with audio directly;
2. Free to download video and audio separately and combine them together.

About Privacy & Copyright

In general, no. We recommend that you do not use the downloaded video for commercial purposes, or contact the video author for consent.
VIMEGo will not collect and use your privacy information.
According to the provisions of Video allows the Uploader video and the users, the Clips play, embed and download, for non-commercial purposes. ... However, the Download is illegal, if the copyright owner has not consented in any way to this type of Distribution is added.