How to download Vimeo videos easily?

Download vimeo

Downloading videos gives viewers the option to watch videos offline. But it can be difficult to understand and enable video download permissions on different platforms.

Luckily, Vimeo plus members and higher have the tools to enable or disable videos for download, allowing for greater control of video content.

Downloading videos can be a great way to share and distribute content that you want others to see. Whether you want to use a video as a learning tool for your team or download Vimeo videos to embed on your website, the use cases to download vimeo videos are countless. 

Today, this blog will cover three things:

  • How to download vimeo videos directly from the website (for the ones where download option is enabled)
  • How to download vimeo videos using third-party tools.
  • Some FAQ about vimeo.

So, let’s get started.

Download Vimeo videos from the Website Directly

If the content creator chose to allow downloads when they uploaded their content to Vimeo, you’ll see a fairly prominent Download button just above the video’s description box. Clicking on that will give you a pop-up with resolution options and also show you the size of the file you’ll be downloading at each resolution. This is the simplest way, but it’s down to the uploader to allow it.

If the Download button isn’t there, then you’ve got a couple of options depending on if you want to install a program or not.

Note: Vimeo plus members and higher can disable video content downloads. More on that below.

Download Vimeo video

Download Vimeo video with Vimeo video downloader

If video creator has switched the allow downloads button to ‘off’, how do you download the private Vimeo video? Here we introduce a chrome extension to help you solve this problem.

Simple Vimeo Downloader is a free Vimeo video downloader extension for Chrome and Edge, which can easily download Vimeo videos.

When installed, Simple Vimeo Downloader adds a download button to your Google Chrome web browser. All you are required to do after that is, go to the video you like, use the added button to inject the resolution options to the clip, and then download the footage to your local computer. You can follow the steps given below to install this Vimeo Chrome extension, and then download Vimeo videos using it:

  • Click this link to go to the Simple Vimeo Downloader page, and click Add to Chrome;
Vimeo video downloader
  • Click Add extension on the box that pops up ton install the extension;
Vimeo video downloader
  • Go to the Vimeo video you are interested in, and click the Simple Vimeo Downloader icon at the top-right corner of the browser;
Vimeo video downloader
  • Click your preferred resolution from the right section within the video player to begin to download Vimeo video in the selected quality;
Vimeo video downloader

If a Vimeo video is embedded on a different website, you can:

  • Go to the target webpage and click the Simple Vimeo Downloader icon as before;
  • Download the embedded Vimeo video by clicking a suitable resolution link

FAQs about Vimeo

Can I download a Vimeo video to mp3?

No, unfortunately it is not possible to download a Vimeo video to mp3 to secure just the audio tracks. 

Can I download a Vimeo video to mp4?

Yes, all Vimeo videos are downloaded in mp4 format. Moreover, a variety of file sizes are supported for mp4 download on Vimeo.   

Can I download a private Vimeo video?

Yes it is possible to download a private Vimeo video depending on the permissions that the video owner has set. If they have switched the allow downloads button to ‘on’, the video in question is available to download for those with access.

If you use the tools in the article to download a banned video, please do so for personal use only and do not re-upload the video on other platforms.

Can a private video download on Vimeo be seen by the video owner?

No. There’s no way to know if someone who watched the video also downloaded it.


It is easy to locate and install a Vimeo video downloader can use to download the videos from Vimeo. However, before picking the best extension, it is imperative to check whether it can download the clips from other websites, and that if it is smart enough to detect and download the footage from the pages where the Vimeo videos are embedded (many extensions are unable to do that). You must also understand the fact that not all videos can be downloaded due to copyright restrictions. Nevertheless, most of these extensions are free to use, and therefore, you can give each of them a try before deciding.